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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 8, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a silent protest against violence as friends and family remember two murdered young girls. >> he died trying to make his community better. more than 100 people gathered to remember a victim of violence. amber lee is live now in richmond with why community members say his loss is immeasurable. >> reporter: tonight police tell me they have few leads in the killing of the 20-year-old.
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they said the shooting was targeted but they don't know why. the theft of this beloved young man has devastated his community. grief stricken family and friends say lincoln brought help to everyone. >> my heart is crying. i feel the pain every time this happens. >> reporter: claire worked here as a maintenance man picking up syringes and debris to make the park safe for children. claire spoke about stopping gun violence. >> and nobody shoot nobody like none of that. i would just try to change
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everybody's minds. >> reporter: he was washing a car for a family member he often helped. when the shooting erupted he managed to push two young gulls -- young girls out of the way. >> the moments these children are going to get to enjoy. >> reporter: claire died on the scene leaving behind his 79- year-old father whom he cared for. >> i'm going to miss him. i'm going to miss when he walked in the door late at night and he left the door open. i knew it was him. >> he touched a lot of lives around here. >> reporter: there will be a car wash tomorrow to help raise money for his family. reporting live in richmond, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police today released some frightening surveillance video of a robbery
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as it was happening. police say this armed robbery happened recently, you can hear the victim pleading for her life. officers have arrested two suspects in the case now. police say their numbers of this gang are growing. oakland police say officers took at least 16 members of a known gang into custody. and chief howard jordan called it the most violent group he's seen in 25 years of policing. he also said members are locked in a deadly feud with another gang. >> the motive was really wasn't your traditional motive. it wasn't for money, it wasn't for turf war it was basically they hated the other gang. >> officers say they served 30
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warrants this morning making 28 arrests. new numbers released today paint a much rosier pickture -- picture of the job market. maureen naylor is live with what's behind the boost and the impact already felt here in the bay area, maureen. >> reporter: julie for the story behind those new unemployment numbers look no further than right here willow bend and we found one place full of stories. shelves full of children's books have been here for years. now there are signs the job market are turning over a new market. >> we've had a bump up on weekends and we're trying to decide whether it's a temporary thing or whether we need to add another person. we have a lot of great
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applicants so it would be easy to do. >> reporter: easy because they have a full notebook of applications. >> there are a lot of openings, they might not get filled as fast but we are seeing an increase in the number of job openings. >> reporter: the job employment rate dropped to 7.7% and the market added 22,000 positions. at vinsanto's restaurant in willow glen no plans for new hire but happy hour seems a little happier. this customer works three job, two of his employees are hiring. >> the airline industry and the winery. >> and both of those are hiring? >> reporter: -- >> yes, we are.
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we're hiring as we speak. >> i would say things are looking up. >> reporter: this is the lowest the unemployment has been since 2008. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu. the positive job's report pushed the dow to a new record close. the dow gained 67 points today. in -- one delicatessen owner is not very pleased with the fact wages are going up. >> i'm not in support of this measure, no. any time we can cut costs or not have to pay more, we're going to try and do that. >> reporter: workers are seeing the raise thanks to a measure that was passed last november.
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essentially it will mean an extra $80 a week for full time workers. a man pled not guilty for charges that he tried to explode a car bomb at a bank. leneza was being monitored when he took what he thought was a real bomb to a bank of america branch. they said leneza hoped to trigger a civil war. government agents say they arrested him after he tried to blow up that phony bomb. leneza is due back in court in april. the son-in-law of osama bin laden appeared in federal circuit court. . sulaiman bu ghaith pled not guilty to try to kill americans. bu ghaith is believed to be
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involved more in -- a man's body was found this afternoon near the golden gate bridge in san francisco. the park police were called to marshall beach shortly before 1:00 today. they said they found the body of an adult man. police tell us the man's body was fully clothed. damage from a fire at a popular restaurant is estimated at $22,000. most of the damage is to the building's front porch. the owner spoke about the support she's already received from close by businesses. >> it certainly touches me
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deeply. i care about this neighborhood and businesses. it's just our 41st year and i -- >> reporter: waters says she hopes to have the upstairs cafe open in as little as a week. she says it is going to take longer to repair the smoke and water damage suffered by the downstairs restaurant. noelle walker is live with more on how chez panisse helped transform a neighborhood. >> reporter: the restaurant is a major part of this restaurant. >> you never know who you're going to see. >> reporter: even presidents. >> i saw clinton walk in there. >> reporter: a fire here this
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morning claimed the iconic restaurants front porch. one of the neighborhood's key ingredients. >> an institution, it's been here so long and it represents a lot to the gourmet ghetto. >> reporter: the affectionally named gourmet ghetto is a place where people stop slow down to smell the roses. >> it used to be about politics and forces and now it's all about food. >> reporter: the original pete's coffee, chez panisse and the cheese platter. >> we hope that if it gets busy, we'll be ready. >> reporter: if pizza is the
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gourmet food, then chez painesse is a farm to table because they leave big tips. one of the tasty benefits having this sidewalk office in the gourmet ghetto. >> reporter: now it's going to take some time to make repairs to the lower level of chez panisse. but waters took to tweeter and said, we hope to have the restaurant open next week. in 90 seconds -- >> the 49ers hot hand gets a work out at contra costa county shows collin kaepernick the luck. >> it's a little bit crazy. this bay area couple ♪ roundup
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♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] okay so just how popular is collin kaepernick. listen to this, earlier he was signing autographs at a safeway and there were people lined up for hours. >> reporter: people started lining up for it at 8:00 this morning. 28-year-old collin, kaepernicking in the end zone and his own signature alongside in silver sharpie.
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but this scene caused a mob scene. collin kaepernick head sticking up in the red beanie could have used some blockers tonight trying to get out of this safeway store. these are the cell phone shots fans were trying to get jamming the aisles after they heard he was finished with autographs and making a run. >> to me it's just part of the job now. it's part of what you do to give back to the fans who support you. >> thank you. >> oh, you're so welcome. nice to meet you too. >> reporter: for 90 minutes he was cool under pressure, unrushed. fans thanking him for the super bowl. asking about work outs already on the way for next season. >> it does come fast. you have to do everything you can to make sure you are prepared for what's going to come next. you can't worry about what happened last season. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> i like yourierny. >> reporter: kaepernick called
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his own play even as handlers tried to stop it. >> this is what you work out for. for all these signatures. >> reporter: he had a hug for an old classmate, her dad his fourth grade teacher. the line to see kaepernick stretched all the way around the store. to get through all of them he still had to be there now. so many left empty-handed expect for the shots they could snag on their phone. >> it's a little bit crazy. it's great to see the support people have. just hopefully we can keep it going. keep making them happy. >> reporter: kaepernick tweeted about his appearance which only added to the frenzy. deborah villalon. ktvu news. seats to the new 49ers stadium in the south bay are now 75% sold out. today the team announced $403 million worth of seats at the
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new santa clara stadium had been sold. that's equal to how much has been spent to build the stadium so far. the 49ers sales team transferred seat sale contracts to the santa clara authority. those contracts are said to be approved on tuesday which will make them legally binding. the cal palace is owned by the state but it's on land surrounded by daly city and san francisco. leno's new law would require local approval before any more gun shows. >> it requires that before the state can contract with any gun show at the cal palace that the board of supervisor, that the county of san mateo and the board of supervisors in the county of san francisco merely have to pass a resolution in support of having the gun show here. >> reporter: both counties have tried unsuccessfully to ban gun
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shows at the cal palace. those who support the gun shows, say if leno's -- becomes law, it would force people into the black market. police say gallegos killed white. this is the scene after white's body was found. he had been stabbed several times. they also say there are no signs this killing was gang related. they were given 72 hours notice and today san jose's largest homeless encampment was cleared out. matt keller tell us why city workers say this makes it easier for people to get help. >> reporter: the start of the clean up was swift and the message clear. >> if you refuse to leave you will be arrested. would you like to leave here. >> reporter: about 20 people living in at the present times and manmade structures near the airport were given a 72 hour
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notice. many stayed until the last minute without a plan. >> i'm going to bring my stuff out to the road and then i don't know from there. >> reporter: the city estimates this clean up could cost up to $30,000. city workers say breaking up the big encampments actually makes it easier to get people help. >> i think it's easier to work with smaller group of people. help them get inside. help them see other resources and help available. it's -- basically what we're saying is that encampments are not a solution. >> reporter: many were sent to shelters. including the bacardo center in san jose. many of the homeless tell me a lot of people will just move to another encampment. another concern for other parts of the city dealing with the same issue. >> the trash, the hypodermic needles, the mental health issues that aren't being taken care of.
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>> reporter: you expect it to get worse if people keep moving around. >> absolutely. >> reporter: last year san jose spent about $200,000 on similar homeless encampment clean ups. matt keller. the latest round between apple and samsung goes to samsung. the trial is set to begin a year from now. this is separate from another case that apple won from samsung. neiman marcus says it is closing its ebay stores. it's now decided to only sell its last call brand on its own website and in its own physical stores. this is a set back for ebay who has been trying to attract large retailers to its site. the showers have ended around here but in the lake
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tahoe area up on 50 and 80 we're still getting snow flurries it'll be great skiing out there tomorrow. we can always use more rain in the mountains. rain is out of the picture, the rain is going on out there. we have 26-mile an hour winds at the airport in san francisco. the winds are still pretty strong. they're going to die out tonight. overnight lows are going to be down to 30s. might see a little bit of frost. currently in napa it's 46. 47 in concord and 46 in walnut creek. so the weather story, it's going to warm up. how much warmer and which day will be the warmest i'll be right back. we'll see you back here. southern california was hit today by the same storm we had here in northern california and it brought snow. the higher elevations received six to 10-inches of new snow.
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the treacherous conditions shut down i10. and mc hammer is taking to twitter again. what he revealed about his arrest. i went ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. a tragic accident is how the family of diana hanson the describes her death. family members say they believe the animal park was following safety protocalls. the fresno county corner said she died instantly when the lion pounced or swiped her with its paw. the santa cruz animal
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shelter says 36 dogs some of them just two weeks old were seized from the homes on monday and tuesday. they say the animals were being bred and the owners who are also relatives also hoarded objects in their homes. detectives are now looking into whether charges will be filed. the dogs are now being cared for in two locations in live oak and walnut hill. a couple are the new winners of the lottery jackpot. winning all that money could not have come at a better time. >> reporter: this couple from walnut creek can now refer to themselves as california millionaires. >> removed my eyeglasses and rubbed my eyes again and again really like ten times. >> reporter: he won $33 million the super lotto jackpot. >> i was by myself at home and
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i started screaming by myself. really. very heavy. i was running in the house and everything. >> reporter: masud's wife a walnut creek hairdresser could not fathom her husband's luck. he had just been laid off from his job of 16 years. >> i got my ticket and checked the numbers, then it was me. >> reporter: this man bought three tickets on ygnacio valley road. >> two megas and a super. >> reporter: this business owner still wins. >> hey, we are next. i hope. >> reporter: everyone is talking about the winners including ardela's neighbor. >> wow, great for them. you know it's wonderful. >> walnut creek never had a jackpot around here. >> because of this, it makes you want to play. >> reporter: ardelon claims to want to buy a business to give
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jobs to the unemployed. his wife plans to stay at her job. this weekend we spring forward this coming sunday 2:00 a.m. remember to turn your clocks forward one hour. you will get an hour less sleep but you will gain an hour of extra sunlight in the evening. this is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. guns at bay area airports. a ktvu investigation reveals just how many weapons you can't move the tv there.
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rapper mc hammer says all charges have been dropped following his arrest last month by dublin police. he thanked friends and supporters saying quote all charged declined, dropped have a great weekend. the 50-year-old was arrested after being pulled over in dublin. officers say he was driving a car with expired registration and was uncooperative. mc hammer claimed he was the victim of racial profiling. dublin police have not returned our calls for comment. police are releasing new information about the puzzling case of man found in his apartment. 69-year-old stan jacobson had been missing for a month. yesterday his body was found inside his apartment even after police had looked there.
12:00 am
many are now asking how this could happen. >> usually it's an odor. in this case it was basically hidden underneath enough things where the odor did not stand out. >> reporter: jacobson had been stabbed to death. police say investigators turned up evidence that butler was trying to scam jacobson over insurance money. a ktvu investigation reveals just how many people may be trying to take guns through bay area airport security checkpoints. figures from the transportation security administration show 17 guns have been seized at oakland and san francisco international airports. that compares with about 1,050 guns confiscated nationwide. >> the fact that we are getting four to five guns every day indicates there are people who are not focused on the security protocalls. >> reporter: tsa files show
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that in recent months security have taken up knives even a rocket launcher. allowing knives increedses the danger for flight attendants and pilots. a host of groups including pilots and flight attendants have all objected to that change. the 46-year-old man operating a taco truck in the napa valley. mike mibach tells you what was found inside his truck and where he was spotted. >> reporter: dishing out lunch in the napa valley. food trucks like this do just that. >> this is amazing. this is surprising. >> reporter: chris montanez runs la mexicana and inside is a snapshot of a friend and fellow taco truck operator who
12:02 am
has disappeared. >> he doesn't drink. no medical condition, really calm. >> reporter: this is ramiro's taco truck. but inside were his key, cash as well as his cell phone. >> that's when we real he got worried because he never does this it's not him. >> reporter: today maria aruchiga picked up his cell phone. she says that her father is a working man. >> it's where he used to put his family where we are. to help me and my brother get ahead. >> his family needs him terribly. >> reporter: ramiro's wife says her husband dropped her off at their pick up truck after their lunch rout on monday. it's if same spot where detectives found the truck the next day. >> he's never wandered off,
12:03 am
he's a family man. >> reporter: a spokesman says the department has labeled his disappearance as voluntarily missing. a santa clara jury convicted a man of three counts of first degree murder in a 2008 workplace shooting. wu was found guilty of killing two executives of a semi conductor start up. prosecutors say he was angry because he had been fired. but his attorney claims wu was insane. the jury must now decide if wu was criminally insane when he committed the murders. the driver accused of killing a 17-year-old high school student last weekend pleaded not guilty today. 28-year-old karen brewer was charged with vehicle manslaughter and driving under the influence. lowell high jr. was hit saturday night as she hit san
12:04 am
francisco's sloped boulevard. prosecutors say it was her 17th birthday. brewer remains in custody in lieu of $300,000 bail. he's set to return to court on january 2nd. a new safety hub is open. city leaders held a ribbon cutting celebration today. it's different than a police station. and officers say you shouldn't go there looking for emergency help but there will be an increased police presence until 10:30 at night. >> i see everything that goes on and it's very frustrating. when i try to relate that to the police, one thing led to another. i thought they didn't care but here they are. >> reporter: the safety hub will also host office hours for a prosecutors and offer homeless and probation services. in venezuela the state funeral was held today for hugo
12:05 am
chavez. more than 20 political leaders from around the world were in attendance. venezuela's future is uncertain. the country is deeply divided between chavez supporters and opponents. and in afghanistan, chuck hagel arrived in kabul for his first visit at secretary of defense. hagel said there are challenges, plenty of challenges as the u.s. prepares to hand over security to afghan forces. several hours after landing the suicide bomber attacked the afghan defense ministry killing eight civilians. officials say hagel was in a safe location when that attack happened. a first for a national grocery chain. the announcement by whole foods today that it will start applying labels to certain
12:06 am
foods sold in its stores. bill martin tracking warmer weather this weekend. he's back with why we
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a condom controversy on the peninsula, five high schools will soon be giving them out to students. rob roth talks about how the program will be put into action. >> reporter: many students here will soon be able to get free condoms the same is true at four other high schools. it's called the condom availability program and could be up and running next month. >> there's aids out there as well. if this can protect a student's life, from disease or possible you know death, i mean the
12:09 am
board recognizes this. >> reporter: the district insists of approximately 4,000 students in five high schools in daily city, brisbane and pacifica. similar programs exist in san francisco and con ta costa county. some students say it's an excellent idea. >> so we won't have babies young. and so i won't catch any diseases. >> reporter: others say they don't like the idea at all. >> people are going to have more sex. and when you're young you're not supposed to have sex. >> reporter: the school says they will not simply be handing out condoms. children must first take a class and speak to the counselor. the district has seen an increase in clamidia. still parents are opposed to the idea. >> a parent's nightmare. you're giving them condoms it's telling people it's okay to do that. >> some say this is just promoting teen sex. >> not at all.
12:10 am
the board doesn't see it this way at all. it's protection. it's to the health of the students. >> reporter: school districts are adamant that no district money will go toward buying the condoms. first lady michelle obama spent international women's day honoring women of courage. >> when these women witnessed horrific crimes or the disregard for basic human rights they spoke up risking everything they had to see that justice was done. >> the first lady helped introduce the winners of the international women of courage award in washington. among the nine recipients was a poet, a blogger from vietnam and a russian journalist. another woman was denied the
12:11 am
award after her tweeter account praised the 9/11 attacks. however she said her twitter account was hacked. and giffords is said to receive the award in may. whole foods market announced the target date of 2018 to label all products in its north american stores that contain genetically modified ingredients. a whole foods spokesman said organic foods will not have to carry the label since by definition they do not contain fmos. whole foods president says products labeled at cf30% increase in sales. a sick vacation. what more than 600 people on this ship caught and why it didn't stop the ship from returning to sea. >> scientists reveal a remarkable and previously
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card.
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the royal caribbean cruise line said today that 105 passengers and three crew on board one of its cruises had come down with an illness suspected to be the norovirus. the ship was disinfected. there's no source for the illness. a lot of passengers getting on said they weren't worried about getting sick. new information is emerging tonight about the troubled san enofre nuclear power plant. the plant has been shut down for more than a year after radiation leaks in a steam generators. now a report shows plant operators rejected some proposed design changes to the steam generators because they
12:15 am
would have required new regulatory approval. only on 2, health and science editor john fowler talked to experts who said nuclear break downs were avoidable. >> reporter: fukushima clean up cost four years and millions. >> looking into historical data. >> reporter: yasmin avuyech told the story about japan's power plant identical to fukashima. they had built a walk to the ocean's highest level. >> the wall was high enough so that the tsunami would not be able to hurt the plant.
12:16 am
so the plant survived beautifully. >> reporter: the fukashima owners built a lower wall. you may recall a few days after the disaster i showed you fukashima activity carried by rain, rainwater and milk. they've just installed a new instrument on the roof of this building. >> it's $100,000 radiation inspector. run by homeland security, super sensitive detectors will find particles in the air. >> officials can see radiation in our air realtime. >> reporter: the troubling
12:17 am
iodine from fukashima is undetectable. >> most of the stuff is undetectable. they're still contained inside of this, little things. >> reporter: no one died from the fukashima melt down john fowler, ktvu news. and still some snow and rain showers up in the foothills of the sierra nevada. we're drying out here. kind of moving off in this direction. they'll work their way out of the area in the next 24 hours and we'll start to see drying out there as well. looks like a nice weekend in the mountains really nice weekend around here. current temperatures are mainly in the 40s and low 50s. 46 in napa. westerly see frost as well. amazingly enough after an amazingly dry january and now february, we're still at 83% of rainfall for the date in santa rosa. that's huge. so this rain most of it fell in
12:18 am
december. we got all that rain. remember the rivers went up, we had flood warnings, flood advisories and we haven't had much rain since. we're not going to see a lot of rain in a little while. the rain is not going to come up. they did for a little while. sunny and low 70s. maybe even mid-70s as we go into next week. it's going to feel like spring. and we're going to start seeing the pollens out there if you suffer from hay fever. there's no rain anymore. maybe some coastal fog we have that. we have a little coastal fog lingering and valley fog. i expect the coastal areas will clear by noon tomorrow and we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s. there's a low pressure center that brought the rain and snow to the southern california area. high pressure is back in. in all next week we're dry. this high pressure sets us up for a dry week ahead. right through wednesday, thursday and friday. with temperatures that are going to seem more like spring line than what we're going to normally expect for early march. 66 in vallejo. these are the forecast highs as
12:19 am
you head into saturday. forecast highs on sunday will be warmer still. 67 in morgan hill. 66 in san jose. take your sunday mornings you can add five to 6 degrees to this. maybe even more in some places and temperatures are going to come up. we're dry, dry, dry. a little clog here and there. but boy, as frank pointed out in the earlier newscast. it's kind of nice to have it all end up on the weekend like this. >> look at midweek next week. like mid-70s. >> mid-70s. so it's really getting warm enough. tree pollen is starting to come out. >> people were noticing this week. it was all over my car earlier. >> thanks, bill. the family of a 4-year-old boy killed by a hit-and-run driver in santa rosa has won its first legal battle with the city. a judge refused to strike down portions of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of
12:20 am
christopher rowe. rowe's family claims the crosswalk is unsafe with inadequate signs. the city says the crash was the driver's fault. a dedication ceremony is scheduled for sunday for a little league field that has been refurbished in honor of a 13-year-old boy who was killed in june in memory of trevor smith. fund raising efforts started shortly after his death. the field will be named for trevor. money came to accomplish a scholarship fund for children who could not other wise afford to play little league baseball. the golden state warriors look for another state win this time against the rockets and jeremy lin. another close call for planet earth. the asteroid that's headed our way and why
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another large asteroid is about to pass near earth. astronomers say the space rock is about the size of a football field. the moon is less than half the distance away. another asteroid passed near earth on monday just inside the moon's orbit. mark is here in sports. houston roberts and jeremy lin in town tonight. >> for whatever reason they don't match up at all with houston the warriors. they are 0-3 again this year. they might end up in the play offs yet but they aren't going to win any basketball beauty pageants although they might take the bathing suit competition in those new uniforms. sporting them for the second
12:25 am
time. andrew pocket the 7-footer. there's james harden and three and here comes houston. harden assistance. david lee who banged up his knee earlier in the day. but that was it for the warriors. five free throws down the stretch for houston. they might have invented baseball in the united states of america. but the rest of the world has caught up. joe torre to says we're here to win. backed up against the wall the center field wall as adrian gonzalez for team mexico deep off rf dickey. 4-0 mexico in the third.
12:26 am
two in the ninth. they had a one, two, 3 inning gets jimmy rawlings to end it. another guy with prowl, that would be tiger prowling the ground. 6-under 67 he's got a two shot lead. his short game alive. tiger 17 birdies in the first 36 holes of this tournament. number 13 a shining example. he has the lead over graham. you know what you always hear that vegas is the two day town. that's pretty much the extent of it for santa clara. they're coming home from sin city after falling victim to layolla. one point down. anthony ireland the drive and score turned into the game winner. broncos will go home one conference win all year for l.m.u. they have three in this tournament.
12:27 am
they're going to get fed to gonzaga. as for the women all goes as planned for cal and stanford. no problem in their opener. wsu. no contest. agumeke doing it all as usual. streaking the score she had 23 points and 21 rebounds and just a casual stroll for the cal women as well in their pac12 opener. best season ever for their squad. jennifer brandon had a lot to do with it. she shows the way. she'll get it underneath and put it down. she had 17 points, 28 wins for cal so far that is a school record for them. and just in case you had cactus league baseball on the mind. giants and a's both postpone due to undesert like weather in arizona. that's the sporting life for friday night. not often do you see games cancelled. >> i can't wait to see that cal
12:28 am
and stanford match up. >> both inside the top ten in
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